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If Dogs Could Talk

We're dogs! COME ON MOM and DAD, maybe you'd like to be inside a motel staring at a TV all day, but to us dogs, staring at four blank walls in a room the size of a closet is boring. Sure they walk us, but what do we do for the other 23 hours?
Canine Country Club was designed for dogs by people who understand dogs. If we could talk we'd tell you Canine Country Club is our #1 choice for fun and comfort while you're away.
We pooches love the indoor/outdoor runs at Canine Country Club. Our daily activities include barking at other dogs (my personal favorite), greeting and playing with our caretakers, running back and forth, playing in the hose during clean up and lazily watching the birds and butterflies while sunbathing. Romping in the Doggy Day Care Center is also an option! Then it's off to sleep under the stars or inside if we prefer. It's all GREAT FUN for us!
Puppy - Pet Boarding in Phoenix, AZ
We love having our peaceful, quiet indoor area open to us whenever we feel the need for quiet reflection; although the truth is there's not a lot of reflecting going on. We love it outside and we don't want to miss anything! We love to communicate with each other and the world!
You'll be glad to know the indoor areas are heated and cooled. We love the wide open spaces surrounding our spacious digs. Lots to look at and watch! We really do not ike cooped up spaces unless we are sick or elderly. Our runs at Canine Country Club are spread over nearly 2 acres with lots of grass, shade trees and room to stretch. Each kennel is 20 – 25 feet long! We can run!


Just in case you don't think we're getting enough exercise you can sign us up for Doggy Day Care play time in one of the 6 large play fields. We can play individually or with a few specially picked, compatible pals. There's a schedule of fun activities for us pooches all day long! MORE FUN!

Assisted Living Suites

As we pups age we might have a harder time making it up a flight of stairs, and a peaceful, quiet area for napping will be just what the vet ordered.
It's good to know that at CCCFI I can hang with the other seniors and special needs pets in the Senior Suites and have all my needs met, just like at home. I'll still get all the activities that I want, but at a gentler pace to fit my needs. The suites are climate controlled too – just perfect.

Night Guardians

As the sun sets and everyone settles down for the night after their busy, exciting day, it is good to know there are caretakers here to watch over us. The nice couple who live here with us love making their rounds every night to be sure everyone is doing well. Pleasant dreams everyone!