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Pet Care in Phoenix, AZ



Indoor & Outdoor Runs

No matter how large or small your dog may be, size appropriate spaces provide plenty of room to run and play and he/she will have the freedom to go in and out at any time. Our indoor/outdoor runs allow your pets to stay on the schedule they are accustomed to.

Air Conditioned Suites

If your dog(s) is extra sensitive to our hot summers, our newly remodeled suites may be just the ticket. “The Puppy Palace” is the closest thing to being at home while on vacation. Each suite is air conditioned with a window overlooking one of our many play yards and all dogs are taken outside three times a day. A comfortable cot is provided for those not bringing their own bed and each room has toys to keep them entertained. It doesn’t get any better than this. A variety of sized suites are available capable of accommodating even large families.

Senior Suites

These specifically designed suites are perfect for our senior visitors and/or dogs who might be recovering from illness or surgery. Even if your pet just prefers a quiet, peaceful environment, we are happy to accommodate. Windows provide lots of light, soothing classical music plays throughout the day and each dog has a comfy cot. These suites are adjacent to a yard with plenty of room, so seniors can get fresh air, take potty breaks and mosey about the yard.

Vaccination Requirements:

  • Rabies
  • Parvo/Distemper Combo
  • Bordetella

Professional Grooming

At Canine Country Club and Feline Inn, we pride ourselves on fulfilling your grooming requests with complete specificity. We would never ask you to walk out of the salon or barber not getting what you paid for so neither will these special pets.
We provide:
  • Grooming Services For All Breeds
  • Spectacular Customer Service



Indoor/Outdoor Cattery

Is your feline friend an adventurer? Does he/she prefer a sunny spot to curl up and snooze? Either way, we built our cattery with the array of feline dispositions in mind. These unique runs allow your cats to keep an eye on the world from large enclosures and elevated perches. He/she can sunbathe, chase butterflies, climb, run or jump. Curling up for a nap in the climate-controlled indoor area is also a favorite option.

Air Conditioned Cat Condos

For your special indoor-loving feline, the Inn has air-conditioned and heated condos for the ultimate in comfort. Large living areas with windows and skylights combined with multiple high perch structures create a plethora of fun places to curl up and cat-nap or climb up and observe the panorama. We suggest you bring your cat's food, bed, and any special toys they love and will make them feel at home.

Vaccination Requirements:

  • FVRCP (Upper Respiratory/Distemper)