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“We have used them frequently. My two dogs can’t wait to go. They do a great job. They live for dog care. Highly recommended.”
–Mike D (via Yelp)

“I have boarded dogs here for many years and they are always very excited to return…great dog vacation spot with indoor/outdoor runs and wonderful caring staff who truly demonstrate their love for animals. They discovered a medical issue with one of my dogs during a holiday weekend and really went above and beyond to get the dog to medical care (emergency vet of my choice then a specialist that the first vet recommended), despite it being one of their busiest weekends all year- with great communication throughout. all turned out great thanks to their quick and proactive response.
Runs are clean and well maintained with a grassy tree lined play area between the kennels. Lots of regulars bring their dogs here and the staff knows many of their dog and people clients on a first name basis. location is super convenient to the airport, they have someone onsite 24-7 and are open 7 days a week with very few exceptions.
They also offer day care at good rates. perhaps you’d want to try that, or an overnight or weekend visit for your dog(s) to get familiar with the place, if you haven’t boarded there before. that’s a good idea no matter where you board, to ensure the dog adjusts well to its new surroundings and understands you’ll return. then your dog can focus on the fun of interacting with its new canine pals.
They assist and support numerous dog rescue groups which is so much appreciated at a time when shelters and rescues are overflowing with abandoned and “foreclosure” dogs. Highly recommended and I wouldn’t ever consider taking my pets anywhere else.”

–DinerGirl P (via Yelp)

“Loved this place. Took both my labs here for a “summer shave” and a day to play. They came home with great haircuts and at a really good pricetag- $35/each. That included all day at the kennel, bath, shave and nail trim. I pay $10 more at Petsmart where my dogs sit in a tiny cage until I come get them! Very friendly staff- kinda hard to get on the phone because they are running all over the kennel, but well worth the wait and the drive.”
–Desiree G (via Yelp)

“I’ve left my two Boston terriers with Canine Country Club several times over the last 2 years and have never been disappointed.
I took a tour of the facilities before boarding my dogs there for the first time and their runs are large and clean. I also like the fact that they are indoor/outdoor and that both my dogs can be boarded in the same run. Plus there is staff onsite 24 hours/day.
The staff have been fantastic about special requests. Both my dogs are on a raw diet (which has to be refrigerated) so I prepare their meals beforehand and put them in cheap tupperware. They are more than willing to accommodate this and even though I tell them that I don’t really care if I get the tupperware back, they always have it bagged up ready to go when I pick up my dogs. Every time I call to make a reservation, they remember who my dogs are and that they are on the special diet.
Also, when I came to pick them up one time, they were both in the front office with one of the staff members. She informed me that the thunderstorm earlier that day had made my male dog nervous (he is a bit skittish) so she brought both of them to the front office so that she could keep a closer eye on him and comfort him. Really thoughtful.
Every time I pick them up, they both look happy and healthy. They’ve never exhibited any behavioral problems or had any unexplained injuries.
All in all, this place takes great care of my dogs and I’m happy to have found them.”

–Natalie D (via Yelp)

“I had a job that required alot of air travel, CCC was the best with my 2 boxers, Samantha and Stella. They always came back tired and relaxed, and with a clean bath! There were times that my 2 boxers stayed there for a week at a time, only to return after the weekend, the dogs were always excited to visit, and the staff was wonderful with them.
I have since take a new position that does not require travel, my dogs do not visit as much, but I wouldnt think of taking them anywhere else!
This place is a wonderful place to take your animals, they take superb care of them!”

–Jenn S (via Yelp)

“My dog is my best friend, and he is spoiled rotten. He is a big baby when it comes to sleeping away from his Mom, so it took YEARS for me to finally find a decent facility to board him. I tried a couple of the Scottsdale Pet Resorts, but they kept him in very small cages where he wasn’t able to play with other dogs or go outside at all. They wouldn’t allow me to bring his bed, toys or blankets for him. I was actually told at one place that he looked scared the entire time. That broke my heart. A friend recommended the Canine Country Club several years back and it has been his home away from home ever since. The people are friendly and responsible, and genuinely love my dog. They live on-site at the property, so the dogs are never without supervision. You can set up the dog run however you want – the dog’s own toys, food, treats, beds and blankets. Each run is part outside and part inside, and the dog can run between. The dogs are allowed to play together, and the caretakers play with the dogs all day. Even better, it is located right near the airport, so I can take drop him off on my way out of town, and pick him up on the way back. My dog is dead-tired every time I pick him up…like as if he had been at the dog park for 2 days straight.”
–Erin A (via Yelp)

“I was really hesitant to leave my pup here for an over night stay but when I called and spoke to the receptionist she was so warm and inquisitive, I decided to give it a shot. I didn’t want to leave my pit bull puppy crated in the hotel all day and figured we’d give this place a chance as it was close to our hotel and on te way to Camelback Ranch. After getting over the nerves of seeing a detention center a couple blocks away, your welcomed by a talking bird and a helpful staff. They were very attentive to Maya and our questions especially since we were from out of town. We ended up paying under $35 to leave Maya over night and get special alone time on their puppy jungle gym with their staff! They also gave us a your of the facilities and introduced us to Maya’s kennel neighbors to ensure the dogs would be ok next to each other.”
–Jazmin D (via Yelp)

“I recently needed to board long term and on short notice. They took excellent care of my dog, a large Weimaraner, and worked with me when I needed to extend his stay. The staff clearly loved dogs, and knew Otis’ condition every time I called. They have a huge outdoor play/walk area. Every time I visited it was clean, and staff was playing with dogs and/or cleaning out empty kennels. My dog was happy. I’d say walk the grounds and see for yourself. The staff I worked with were above and beyond welcoming and they take care of a beautiful African Grey in the office. Really cool place.”
–Wallace (via Google Places)

“I have boarded my two dogs at Canine Country Club twice this year and we plan on boarding them over the holidays as well! The staff is always friendly and helpful, the pricing is spot on, and the runners are spacious and clean. I have been pleased at how easy it is to make a reservation, drop off, and pick up. My husband and I toured the grounds prior to boarding our dogs here, and you can tell that all of the dogs and cats being boarded are well taken care of. We love Canine Country Club and would highly recommend them to pet owners around the valley.”

–Jill M. (via Google Places)

“Our dogs love staying here. I’ve toured the facilities and really like their setup.”
–Tony S. (via Google Places)

“My dogs love Canine Country Club. We boarded our dogs over the Christmas break and they came home happy, happy, happy. One of our dogs is older indoor dog and really wasnt very active. He is a new dog now that he is home running around and feeling much better about himself. My wife and I are very pleased with the service CCCFI gives us and our dogs. Highly recommended. VERY PLEASED !! It is about time there is a quality boarding facility.”
–A Google User

“My dog absolutely LOVES This place. Stace is caring and attentive to animals needs, I trust them implicitly. I have used them for 6+ years and wouldn’t go any place else. CCCFI rocks! :-)”
– A Google User

“New ownership is doing amazing things here! The change in just the last year is remarkable! Their commitment to quality care of animals in their charge is absolute and should not be questioned. I love the facility improvements and will not only continue to do business here BUT will highly recommend their services whenever possible. VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER.”
–A Google User

“I am one of the rescues that uses Canine Country Club to board our dogs until we are able to get them into foster homes or adopted. Canine Country Club is a Awesome place to board your pet and all of the staff really care about all of the animals there. They have caretakers that live there 24/7 and they are the Best! I have had to go and give meds to a dog or pick up after hours to get them to a vet to be spayed or neutered or even had owner surrenders that needed the dog to leave there homes now and it even though it was after hours CCC still went out of there way to help me with whatever needed done. I am kept Fully informed with what goes on with all my rescues and I know right away if a dog may need to see a vet. All of the staff at CCC really care about all the animals and go the extra mile to make sure your pet has the best care possible. I had amazing free wifi access to bestauscasinos.com. I have personally watched a staff member go into a kennel where a boarder had 3 dogs and when they would be fed, they would seperate each one to make sure they each got to eat their own food (one of the dogs would try to eat all the others food). I have watched while when doing rounds at the end of the day they give all the dogs each a treat (if allowed) and a pat on the head. I have seen where a boarder dog or even a rescue dog did not have a bed and they would go and get a blanket or dog bed so the dog had a nice place to sleep. I have watched Regina (caretaker) when a dog seems depressed she would sit in the kennel with the dog and pet them or when a rescue dog did not feel well she would hand feed the dog something special and sit with the dog and give them extra attention. Its really to bad the ex employees from the doggy daycare program feel the need to bad mouth CCC and Greg and all the staff there, because for Canine Country Club it IS all about your pet!!!”
– A Google User

“We absolutely LOVE Canine Country Club and Feline Inn. We have been taking our pets there (dogs, cats, rats, and birds too) since 1995. They have ALWAYS given our pets wonderful care. The facility is well-run and well maintained. The office staff, Dawn and Bonnie, as well as the kennel staff, are a group of people dedicated to giving quality care to boarding animals. They also board animals for many area rescue groups…….dogs and cats that were rescued from the euthanasia list at the two Maricopa pounds. Dogs and cats that are looking for loving, caring homes. This is how dedicated Canine Country Club is to animals! We were recently on a two week cruise. One of our dogs needed to be seen by a vet for an ongoing issue he has. Dawn emailed us and left a voicemail then immediately took our dog to the vet. She didn’t wait to hear back from us knowing full well that we were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and communiation is sporatic. And right after his vet visit, she contacted us again to tell us how everything went and that our dog was fine. Bravo Dawn!! I have read the recent reviews from someone on here claiming that CCC is a horrible place and the two people who live on the premises smoke meth. That is utter GARBAGE! I know this wonderful, caring, older couple. They are employees who have always given wonderful, special care to my pets….especially my very senior pets. I would never leave my furry family member at CCC if I thought for one minute that they weren’t being taken care of; that their needs weren’t being met. I whole-heartedly recommend Canine Country Club and Feline Inn to a anyone who wants to board their pets in a caring facility…..and their fees are very reasonable.”
–Leslie C (via Google Places)

“My Boxer and German Shepard companions run to the truck when they hear the magic words, canine country club yelled out. They know exactly where they are going, and they want to go. They vault out of the truck when we arrive. When I pick them up, they want to stay. The folks are very friendly, competent, and I most confidently en-trust them to take care of the boys them when I travel.”
– A Google User

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