Pet Relocation Boarding in Phoenix, AZ

Are you planning a move? Between packing, unpacking, and getting settled in your new home, moving can be stressful for everyone involved – including your pets. Keep your furry or feathered family members safe and make moving simpler with Canine Country Club and Feline Inn’s pet relocation services in Phoenix.

We provide short- and long-term pet boarding in Phoenix, AZ, making it easy to navigate your big move without worrying about your pets. Whether you’re moving here from out of state or simply relocating to another part of the Valley, our Phoenix pet boarding options provide a comfortable and enjoyable space for pets to relax and play.

Phoenix Pet Boarding and Relocation Services

Canine Country Club & Feline Inn is a Valley pet boarding facility that is happy to welcome a wide variety of pets, including furry, feathered, and finned friends such as:

From one dog or cat to an entire family of animals, we can accommodate your beloved pets and provide affordable, high-quality care. When you book a stay for your pets at Canine Country Club & Feline Inn, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that they’re in the very best of hands.

Our Phoenix dog boarding and pet facility can meet your specific needs with a wide range of options, including flexible services to suit your schedule and budget. All pets in our care will receive 24/7 care and supervision, including after-hours staff, supervised playtimes, emergency services, private accommodations, and more.

Some of the many amenities and options we offer include:

Dog boarding for canine companions of all ages, sizes, and temperaments

Whether you have a shy senior dog or a rambunctious pup, our dog boarding in Phoenix can be the perfect fit. While you’re busy with the move, your dog(s) can relax in our climate indoor/outdoor dog runs and enjoy the freedom to play, nap, and visit with their friendly neighbors. Or, consider one of our pampered suites to treat your dog to a five-star getaway or our senior suites, specially designed for older dogs.

Cat boarding in Phoenix

Even the most curious of cats will find plenty to see, do, and explore in our cat condos and indoor/outdoor “cattery,” a climate-controlled cat-friendly space. Your fabulous feline can take luxuriously long naps in the sun, people watch from a high-up perch, and play with our on-staff cat-lovers.

Reasons to Board Your Pet During a Move

There’s no doubt that, when it comes to moving, your to-do list is a mile long. For many pet parents, arranging long-term dog boarding (or care for another pet) might seem like just another thing to deal with. So, you aren’t alone in wondering: is it worth it?

The moving process is a big undertaking, one that requires you to plan, schedule, pack, and clean, not to mention having movers, repair people, and other strangers in and out of your space. Usually, you’re surrounded by boxes, completely thrown off from your usual routine, and trying to work your way through various tasks… add to that caring for your pet, and it can quickly become overwhelming.

Here are just a few of the reasons to board pets while you move:

Less stress for you and your pet

It can be extremely difficult for pets to be surrounded by the chaos of moving, especially because they are incredibly sensitive to changes in their environment. Often, that can lead to unexpected behavioral issues or even separation anxiety, adding to your stress as well as theirs. Our experienced, compassionate staff creates a comforting, fear-free space where pets can keep their regular schedules. They’ll be much less stressed, and so will you.

Reduces safety risks

Every pet parent’s worst nightmare is seeing their pet dart out an open door and disappear into the unknown. Unfortunately, the in-and-out traffic common during moving makes it too easy for a pet to escape unnoticed. Also, with large furniture and boxes being transported, pets can become injured due to an accident. Instead of struggling to confine your pet to a certain space or room, make sure they’re safe by boarding them at our friendly pet resort and boarding facility.

Can cut costs

You might be surprised to hear that investing in pet boarding can make your move more affordable, but it’s true. Moving will take less time without a pet underfoot, and your belongings won’t be at risk of being damaged by a stressed pet. That’s dollars saved on the moving truck, mover, and other expenses.

Pet Relocation and Boarding in Phoenix, AZ

Before you load up the moving truck, make sure your pet is in good hands. Canine Country Club & Feline Inn has been a trusted provider of pet care and boarding in Phoenix for decades, and we would be honored to be entrusted with your family’s pet. You can focus on settling into your new home, and we’ll make sure your pet is happy and healthy the entire time.

For more information about our Phoenix pet relocation and boarding services, available for a wide range of pets, please contact us today!

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