How Long Can I Board My Dog While on Vacation?

Dog and cat sleeping next to each other

If you’re getting ready for a dog-free vacation, it’s essential to have a care plan for your dog. That way, you can enjoy your trip instead of spending it worrying about your pet.

Here’s what you need to know about how long you can (and should) board your dog when you go out of town.

First Step – Setting Up the Right Care for Your Dog

Planning is critical to ensuring your dog is well cared for in your absence. While friends or family might volunteer to watch your dog, they aren’t necessarily dog experts.

A long-term boarding facility may be a better option to ensure your dog gets the attention they need, especially if they tend to be anxious or have special needs.

Is it bad to board a dog for a week?

Nope! You deserve a break, after all. Dogs will adjust to their new environment and routine faster than you can imagine. A week might seem like a long time, but it will fly by for your furbaby.

Can you board a dog for a month?

Yes! Long-term boarding facilities are specially qualified to board dogs for several weeks at a time. At Canine Country Club, discounts are available on request for long-term stays.

Will my dog be OK being boarded?

Yes, provided you board them at a quality care facility. For example, at Canine Country Club, we offer a range of options depending on your dog’s temperament and preferences. We can even keep families together so your dogs don’t get lonely.

Boarding tips for your dog

If this is your first time boarding your dog, it’s natural to be nervous! Here are some ways to make boarding your dog easier for you and them.

1. Visit the facility ahead of time

Let your dog visit the boarding facility before your trip. Visiting lets them get familiar with the place ahead of time, so they’re more comfortable when it’s time for check-in.

2. Find a place that simulates their home environment

We know there’s no place like home. But you can get close! For example, at Canine Country Club, we offer indoor/outdoor runs that give your dog a chance to go outdoors when they feel like it to socialize, play, run, and go potty. Then, they can come indoors to relax and chill after all that excitement. Indoor/outdoor runs let them stay on their regular schedule, which will ease the transition before and after boarding.

For the pampered pooch, we offer pampered suites, complete with a cot and a prime window seat where they can see all the action. They also get to enjoy three walks a day. Senior dogs can enjoy a quieter location with convenient access to an outdoor play area.

3. Schedule your boarding early

Summer’s coming up, which means many people will be planning their vacations. If you wait too long, you might not be able to board your dog at your preferred boarding facility. So, book a reservation as soon as your vacation plans are finalized.

Ready for Your Getaway?

We understand why you’re concerned about how long you can board a dog. Rest assured that your pet is in good hands at Canine Country Club!

We are conveniently located just a few minutes away from the Phoenix airport, making it convenient for you to drop your dog off right before your trip and pick them up as soon as you get back. Fill out a reservation form to get started, or contact us with any questions.


Image Source: FXEGS Javier Espuny / Shutterstock