How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Ways to Prepare Your Dog for Arizona Summers

Summer vacation is the perfect time to play games outside, go for those adventurous hikes, or simply relax and bask in the warm sun. From keeping a full kiddie pool in the backyard to luxurious dog boarding, Phoenix heat doesn’t have to keep you and your furry friends from enjoying the season. Here are a few tips to help you and your dog stay safe and cool under the Arizona sun this summer.

1. Keep Your Dog Hydrated

This one may feel a little obvious, but all too often pups forget to drink up and keep their bodies cool and hydrated. During the summer heat, one of the best things you can do is check that water bowl often to keep it filled and ready to be slurped up. Check on your dog’s food bowl and make sure they’re giving themselves enough fuel throughout the day to keep them going in the heat.

2. Paw Protection

Humans wear shoes all the time, so we don’t often think about the temperature of the ground we walk on. However, pups walk around on their paws, leaving them susceptible to serious burns if they walk on surfaces that have been baking under the summer sun. Besides simply being adorable, puppy booties can offer protection for their paws on their daily walks or while playing outside. If booties are not an option for your dog, be sure to guide them onto grass or other surfaces that retain less heat.

3. Keep Out of the Sun

When the Arizona sun is beating down on the dirt and pavement, sometimes it’s easier to stay indoors. For some dogs, this won’t be a problem, but if you have a big outdoor-loving breed, it may be tough to wrangle them inside all day. During the summer, be sure to provide ample shade for your dogs if they still want to spend time outside. With the kind of heat in Phoenix, dog boarding can also be a safe and fun option for your dog if you have to leave the house without him or her. Boarding offers plenty of time indoors and in the shade, while also offering a safe place for your pup to play.

4. Vet Checkups and Vaccination

Just like humans, your dog needs a friendly checkup from the doctor once a year. Before the summer starts is a perfect time to make an appointment to be sure your dog is healthy and ready to tackle the weather. Everyday playtime and activities can feel far more intense for your dog in the heat, and if you plan on taking your fur baby to a canine boarding facility or dog park, keeping their vaccines current is imperative.

5. Get Your Dog Groomed

For some dog breeds, grooming is a breeze thanks to their simple coat. Other breeds can require much more maintenance. For many dogs, their coats can help keep them cool in the summer by protecting them from the sun’s rays just as much as it can keep them cozy and warm in winter by helping retain heat. Using an undercoat rake on your dog can help this process, or you can take your pup to the groomer for a professional wash and brush. As a reminder, some breeds absolutely require an outer coat to keep them safe from the sun, so be sure to research your specific breed’s grooming needs before you give them any new hairdos.

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how to keep dog cool safe in arizona in summer

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