Dog Boarding For Summer Vacation

dog boarding for summer vacation

Most people look forward to the warmth of summer after a cold winter and rainy spring. But, if you live in Phoenix, AZ, you probably aren’t looking forward to 100-plus-degree boiling hot days. Subsequently, while many northerners are flocking south to soak up some extra sun, you are probably trying to escape it, or at the very least, planning to enjoy it on a beach somewhere.

Unfortunately, that often means leaving your dog behind for the trip. The good news is the dog boarding in Phoenix options makes this an easy worry-free process if you choose the right pet hotel. Even so, you may have your doubts about leaving your dog behind. Therefore, we have compiled just a few reasons why your dog will enjoy dog boarding during summer vacation.

The Company of Canine Friends

Some experts say that when dogs are separated from their fur parents, they adjust better by remaining in their own homes. However, if you have ever come home late after a longer than usual day at work, you know this is not necessarily true.

Dogs often become anxious when left alone for too long, and pet sitters are hardly going to spend the entire day there catering to their need for attention. If your dog enjoys canine company, then at a pet hotel he can bond with many other dogs (and even cats!) whose fur parents are also away on vacation. This provides the perfect distraction from your absence until you get back.

Air-Conditioned Dog Suites in Phoenix

Naturally, you want your pooch to have a cool summer while you’re away. If you hire a pet sitter, this may mean running the AC unit the entire time you are not at home. As much as you love your dog, that’s a lot of money you could have spent in much better ways.

One such way is at a pet hotel. Let the hotel run their AC unit while you enjoy your vacation. Sure, your home may feel like an oven when you get back for half an hour or so, but your dog will be happy you have a little extra money to spend on his kibbles and bits.

Retained Privacy

Admit it. The idea of someone walking around in your home while you’re gone really rubs you the wrong way. Even if you know the person well, there is something about leaving someone unattended in your home that makes you feel vulnerable and a little uneasy. By using dog boarding in Phoenix, you get to maintain your privacy. Never worry about strangers sleeping in your home, leaving your house a mess, or going through your things. All your personal belongings will be exactly as you left them when you return.

Professional Dog Care in Phoenix, Arizona

One of the possibilities many fur parents struggle with is returning home to bad news regarding their pets. While this can happen in any environment but is more likely when you trust your pets to caregivers who are not professionals.

Book Your Dog Boarding for the Summer in Phoenix

So, are you still thinking about whether or not you should book that trip? Your dog will be just fine with his doggie friends. And, if you have cats that also need care, feel free to bring them on by. At Canine Country Club & Feline Inn, there’s room for all. We even provide complimentary baths for stays that are five nights or longer, as well as discounts for long-term stays. For more information, contact us at 602-536-7311.


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