What To Do With Your Dog When Traveling

What To Do With Your Dog When Traveling

As a pet owner, you may be conflicted about whether to tag your pets along or leave them behind when traveling. Traveling with your dog or cat often comes along with some inconveniences, such as the inability to access some spaces where pets are not allowed. Leaving pets behind may be the best option in many instances.

However, you need to ensure pets are left in good hands to keep them comfortable and safe and give you peace of mind when traveling. Here are some options to explore when traveling if you are concerned about your pet.

Why Not Bring Your Pets With You?

Bringing your pets with you on a trip can be a good idea if you tend to worry when you leave them behind. Also, you may give your pet the chance to bond with the rest of the family and enjoy exploring different environments. However, traveling with pets does not always go well since some pets do not know how to behave in new places, and entry will be limited in some restaurants, hotels, and other public amenities, adding more stress and necessary planning to your vacation.

What to Do With Pets When You Travel

When traveling with pets becomes impractical, you must find safe hands to care for them while you enjoy your trip. Understanding the temperament and behaviors of your pet is important in getting the best care for them, preferably professional boarding services.

Professional Dog & Cat Boarding

Sending your dogs to a professional facility where their needs are taken care of is the best alternative to explore. Pet boarding can be affordable and allows your furry friends to experience expert care. Not only do pet boarding facilities take individual pets’ temperaments and specialized routines into account, but pets can also develop their social skills as they interact with others. In the boarding facility, the pets are taken care of by trained professionals.

The Best Care for Your Pets While You’re Away

When you are going away for a sabbatical, vacation, or business trip, you need to ensure your special pet friends are given the best care. Canine Country Club & Feline Inn, a dog boarding facility in Phoenix, AZ, will provide comfort, care, and enjoyment. The facility has several amenities and activities for your dogs which include:

Indoor/Outdoor Runs

The indoor/outdoor runs combine a climate-controlled area with an outdoor space that will allow your dog to interact with others. The indoor facilities also provide space for your dog to enjoy their private time while under our care. The indoor and outdoor runs ensure that dogs are constantly active and social.

Pampered Pet Suites

The pampered pet suites at Canine Country Club & Feline Inn provide your pets with the ultimate luxurious and relaxing moments. The suites are equipped with toys, comfortable cots, and beds that ensure your pet is optimally entertained. The suites are of different sizes, with the capability of accommodating larger pet families and feeling home away from home in a new environment.

Senior Pet Suites

The senior pet suites provide specialized accommodation and care for elderly dogs, including those recovering from illnesses and injuries. The suites have spaces with large windows that supply plenty of fresh air to your dogs and entertainment assured by the soothing classical music playlist.

Nighttime Pet Care

The facility strives to watch over and provide comprehensive dog care day and night. The nighttime pet care ensures your dog is always taken care of as night attendants conduct regular checks and attend to emergency needs, if necessary.

Where Your Pet Wants To Be – Reserve Your Pet’s Stay Today

Canine Country Club & Feline Inn is the ultimate place for your pets to enjoy the coziness and comfort of boarding. Our affordable rates start at $40 per night and an additional $25 per dog per night ( for each dog staying in the same space) for indoor/outdoor runs, $50 per night per dog in dog suites, and an additional $30 per dog per night staying in the same space.

When in Phoenix, AZ area and planning to travel, why not book with us and enjoy our pet care services? Contact us today for reservations.

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